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Denver Protection Dog Training

Protection dog training is becoming more and more popular in this age of increasing crime. People are choosing to have their four legged family member protect their loved ones, home, automobile and everything else necessary. Many people do not want a firearm in their home, some travel a lot for business, but most want that built in 24 hour guardian that a well trained protection dog is. Our program covers both the theories behind protection dog training as well as methodical instruction to train your dog in protection.

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Enhance Your Safety With Protection Dog Training services.

Personal protection training programs are available to select dogs and clients. As a prerequisite, all dogs must complete an evaluation or one of our training programs prior to consideration. The building blocks for successfully protection dog training include:

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With The Right Training, Your Dog Can Become So Much more Than A Pet.

Even a dog with no training can be a deterrent to a burglar or attacker. Some dogs are natural guardians and bred to protect livestock. Some dogs seem to be protective, barking and charging, but then run for cover. It’s iffy. Iffy isn’t something you want when your life, or your family’s life and safety is on the line. The right dog with the right training can become a consistent, reliable, 24/7 source of protection for you, especially if the idea of using a gun, or fighting off an attacker yourself doesn’t appeal to you. If you already have a dog, why not train it to be a guardian as well? 

That said, there are some misunderstandings about the suitability of dogs for personal protection training. Often people assume that every dog that is a so-called working dog or herding dog is able to complete the intensive training for protection work. This belief is however, not true. While we’d love to be able to train every dog as a personal protector, the fact is, not all dogs can handle the training, and not all dogs have the temperament for the role, or the training. That’s why we have to make careful choices when evaluating dogs for this role. Nervous and frightened dogs, for instance, should not be considered. With a lot of perseverance, an experienced handler may achieve something with such a dog, but for the dog herself the training and work will mostly be a mental torment, and this will be expressed sooner or later in various disorders. Only mentally and physically healthy dogs can successfully undergo this heavy training. 

For example, some dog breeds tend to have several problems, such as hip and elbow dysplasia, which prevent the normal movements of the dog. Other hereditary, and physical defects such as epilepsy and eye disorders may also make the affected dogs absolutely unsuitable for protection work. Fortunately, most dogs do make great candidates for protection training. To determine if your dog is suitable for our protection programs, please contact us for a risk-free evaluation and training session for your dog.

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