Absolutely the best trainer I have ever worked with. I had a 14 month old German Shepherd, Rottweiler, Pitbull mix who was off the wall crazy. He was a wrecking ball who didn’t realize how big he was. After 6 sessions I have a completely different dog. He does not pull on the leash at all. In fact, he stays right next to me in line with my hip whenever we walk. Not only does he respond to all my commands like “sit” and “down” but he won’t break his down or sit position until I tell him to. Trust me, if you need a dog trained badly (like I did) go to Ancillary K9.

Michael Richardson – Aurora, CO

We are in the middle of a 6 lesson package, and Dion has been great with our dogs! We have 2 aussies and one was unfortunately attacking the other. We were at the point of considering having to get rid of one of our dogs but found Dion and saw that he specializes in aggression. He has taught us how to take control of our dogs and provide structure so that they listen to us and look to us for guidance rather than just doing whatever they want all the time. We saw a huge difference in our dogs after just the first week! He has not only taught our dogs, but has taught us the correct way to train and Work with them and how to react if they do start to show signs of aggression. We still have a ways to go with the aggression but we are really hopeful that with Dions help we can keep both of our dogs! Dion is very patient and takes a lot of time answering questions and explaining things in a way that helps you understand how the dogs are thinking. I wish we would have started working with him a long time ago, and would highly recommend him to anyone!

Michelle Toubeau – Denver, CO

We have been very happy so far with Ancillary K9 and Dion. They make the process really easy and they are very organized. It started with a 20 minute consultation with Dion where we talked about our wants, needs, and expectations, and Dion gave us feedback on what was realistic and what was necessary. We meet at the same park which is beneficial for our dog’s learning process. The online scheduling system is easy to navigate and Dion is very understanding when we need to cancel an appointment. He is relatable, he is knowledgeable, patient, and he makes the experience fun. We have learned a lot so far and can’t wait for our last session with him and maybe even more!

Kristine Nguyen – Aurora, CO

After completing two separate six week training sessions, at one of the big box pet centers, my dog was just not “getting it”. I decided to give Dion a try and after one lesson my dog made more progress than all the other lessons combined. I couldn’t be happier with the progress he made and signed up for several more sessions. The training was as much for me as for my dog, I learned how to teach him what I wanted from him and he was eager to please me. Dion was very professional and interested in helping me achieve the results I expected from my dog. I would not hesitate to recommend anyone to take their dog to Ancillary K9 and give them a try. Be prepared for results!

Philip Rieg – Aurora, CO

I was very impressed with his knowledge. I have taken my dog as far as I can go with my experience and started looking for someone to help me go further with him. This trainer is very experienced and takes time to answer questions. He really seems to care that he teaches the owner in the correct manner so I can get the best out of my dog. I am looking forward to working with this trainer especially after watching him work with his own dog during our first visit. I was highly impressed and can’t wait to get my pup to that level.

Kelly Ray Burkham – Denver, CO

Since our initial meeting with Dion, our experience has been wonderful. He reassured us that the issues we were having with our dog were things we’d be able to improve in just a little bit of time & only get better from there. From the very first session, you could see the difference in our dog. Dion made sure we had all the tools for success, even recommending his personal favorite products. Throughout each session we’ve had with Dion, he’s made sure we’re fully aware of exactly what he is doing and why he is doing it. He’s been very communicative through each session, making sure we’re comfortable or understanding of all we’re working on. It’s wonderful having a trainer that truly cares how your dog is progressing, how you’re feeling as owners, and being able to explain exactly WHY we’re doing it the way we’re doing it. Can’t recommend him enough.

Alicia Luther – Denver, CO