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Your dog loves you, but once they’re trained, they’re going to love you more. Dogs are natural pack animals and they love consistent boundaries. Boundaries, the kind that come with training, make them feel safe. They define their role in the pack (family) and they strengthen the bond between you. With our dog training services, you will build a solid foundation to enhance these boundaries, and thus the bond between you, and your dog. With our no-nonsense approach, your dog will learn the standard commands, and a calm state of mind that will enable you and your dog to overcome distractions, and enjoy your time together. We are one of Denver’s leading experts in reducing undesirable behavior, such as jumping, leash reactivity, and aggression. Though these actions may be perceived as “normal”, they shouldn’t be acceptable for a pet.

80% of the training work is going to be about you, the owner, and 20% about us, the trainer. We’ll show you the fundamentals, and you’ll work with your dog to get the results you want. You will learn how to motivate your dog, so that they want to do something you want, and to stop doing something you do not want them to do

Training Consultations

If you’re not sure which dog training program is right for you, or if you have any questions before you sign up for training, we recommend a training consultation. This is a chance for you to talk to Dion about your dog’s behavior, training expectations, and figure out which training program is right for you.

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Personal Protection Dog Training

Crime continues to rise in Denver and the surrounding areas. Many people want protection against the rising threats to homes and individuals in Denver and surrounding areas, but they don’t want a firearm in their home. What other options do homeowners have?
Many of our clients, many with young children, choose to have their four-legged family member trained as a guard dog. This adds an additional layer of security to their home and loved ones. Plus, owners can rest assured their dog, unlike a gun, is a 24-hour protector. Some of our clients travel a lot for business. Some, including doctors and nurses, work night shifts and odd hours. Others are elderly or have physical challenges, but the one thing they all have in common is desire for the 24-hour watchful eyes and companionship that a well-trained protection dog can provide. Our protection program covers both the theory behind protection dog training, and the methods to develop and train your dog for personal protection while remaining a family pet as well.

Please note: There are many misunderstandings about the suitability of dogs for personal protection training. Oftentimes, people assume, without question, that any dog that is of working or herding lines is suitable to complete the intensive training required for protection work. This is not true. In fact, not every dog, regardless of breed, can make a suitable protection dog. We have to make careful choices when selecting dogs for this role. Nervous and frightened dogs, for instance, or dogs lacking sufficient drive, will NOT be considered.

COST: $649/Month

To be eligible for our protection dog training programs, all dogs and handler teams must complete one of our Private Dog Training Programs prior to consideration.

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Seminars And Workshops

We are available for travel throughout the United States and Colorado for group training seminars, intensive in-home training, and personal protection workshops. Please provide us with your location, ​type of training you’re interested in, number of dogs to be trained, and any other relevant information.

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