Ancillary K9 Offers Excellent Dog Training In The Thornton, CO Area

If your dog has behavioral issues, getting a trainer that offers private lessons could be life-changing for you and your dog. If you live in or near Thornton, the best trainer in the area to choose is Ancillary K9. Here’s why you should choose us for dog training:

Professional Dog Training Helps Build Healthier Relationships

Like most dog owners, you don’t think of your dogs as simply family pets. They’re a part of the family, and you love them like your own kids.

When you first added your pups to your family, you probably expected nothing but fun times and cuddles on a daily basis. However, it’s no fun when a dog messes up your home, destroys your furniture, and plays so rough with the kids that they run back to you with scratches on their arms and tears in their eyes. 

No matter how much your dog loves you — and he or she does! — problematic behaviors such as aggression make it difficult or impossible for you to trust your dog with your kids, their friends, or other dogs you encounter when you go for a walk. This is where our basic dog obedience training services and aggressive dog training programs can make all the difference.

Proper Dog Training Offers Many Advantages

Our professional dog trainers have the knowledge, skills, training methods and experience that lead to effective behavior modification. Our dog training classes can lead to:

  • Increased safety for your family, friends and other pets
  • Stronger emotional bond
  • More effective house training
  • Less damage to home goods
  • Better human-puppy socialization

A basic obedience training program can help rein in your pup’s animal instincts so your furry friend can better integrate into family life and human society. Teaching your dog to respect boundaries and to follow your commands helps him safely interact with his environment and his human family. When your dogs are well-behaved in the home and in public, a whole new world of fun experiences opens up for you and for them.

We’re Not Just Another Obedience School

Many obedience schools don’t give dogs enough individual attention, and this can prevent your pup from making as many gains as he or she could. However, our dog behaviorists will work directly with your adult dog or puppy individually, and our training strategies will be tailored specifically towards your four legged friend!

We Offer Several Packages That You Can Choose From

If you simply have a few questions about how to train your dog, you can get a free phone consultation for 20 minutes! A single lesson costs $499, but we offer package deals for multiple classes. If you want to get four lessons, you can do that for $1,799.

Not only will you get tips during the class itself, but you’ll have access to online educational materials afterwards that can help you train your dog! These online educational materials provide plenty of information on how to deal with problematic behaviors as well as how to reinforce positive behaviors. You can get six lessons for $2,499, and an eight lesson package is available for $3,299. Furthermore, we offer discounts for people who enroll multiple dogs in our classes.

We Even Offer Personal Protection Dog Training

If you need a guard dog, our personal protection dog training is just what you need. This training will teach your dog how to properly respond to a threat while still keeping the same personality you’re familiar with. This training is available for $4,999.

Please Note: This Type Of Training Is Only Right For Certain Dogs

Not all dogs are suited to becoming personal protection dogs, and we’ll make sure that your four-legged friend is cut out for it before the training begins. For instance, we’ll make sure that your dog has sufficient drive and is not dealing with any anxiety issues.

We Have Many Satisfied Customers

​Our customers have been happy with the services that we’ve offered. Not only can you read great reviews on our website, but there are plenty of excellent testimonials on third party websites too, which provides you with assurance that we offer quality services.

Do You Need To Be Located In Thornton To Receive Our Services?

Actually, we have clients throughout Colorado that come to us for dog training, which means that you’ll definitely be able to get help from us. So, if you live anywhere in the Thornton area, you’ll be able to receive our services!

How Do You Get In Touch With Us?

If you’re looking for more information or want to schedule an appointment, just call (720) 239-2424. You can also contact us with our online contact form, which will allow you to schedule lessons or get more information about what we offer.