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Voted one of Denver’s top dog trainers year after year, our team at Ancillary K9 has had dogs in their life since childhood. We look forward to solving any problems your dog presents. With our diverse background and experience, we are confident we can make a difference in your dog’s behavior and in the quality of your life.

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Denver Dog Trainer, Dion Studinski

After years of experience as a trainer, Dion has heard new clients describe their dog’s behavior in similar ways more than once.

Those feelings, he likes to explain, are normal. Without training, most dogs are naturally hyperactive. This can present itself in a variety of ways. At its best, your dog may be hard to walk on a leash or impossible to take to the park. At its worst, they can become destructive and even aggressive.

Still, the team at Ancillary K9 believes there are no “problem dogs,” just ones who haven’t been properly trained. By combining his lifelong love of dogs with the mentorship he’s received from some of the top dog trainers in the U.S., Dion is committed to improving the lives of the people – and animals – he works with. Before you give up on your dog, give him a call.

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Denver Dog Trainer, Tyler Hunter

Tyler’s introduction to dog training wasn’t all that different than what many of our clients experience. Seven years ago he welcomed a new German Shepherd puppy named Lucas into his home. Over time, Lucas developed several behavioral issues, as well as some aggressive tendencies. Eventually, it became too much, and Tyler had a realization:

If he was going to keep Lucas – as well as give him everything he deserved – the two of them were going to need some professional help.

That moment of clarity brought with it two profound changes. Not only did Lucas get the training he desperately needed, but Tyler’s experience with a variety of trainers and mentors opened the door to a career working directly with dogs. Now, that love of different training methods and philosophies provides the foundation for everything Tyler does.

Whether it’s a new puppy that can benefit from training right out of the gate or an older dog whose behavior has become problematic, Tyler’s approach is grounded in a deep understanding of what dogs – as well as the humans in their lives – want and need. While the journey might not include becoming a professional trainer yourself, your dog’s life will never be the same.

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Reserve a complimentary consultation, evaluation and temperament test for your dog! (A $199 Value!)

Problem dogs are our specialty.

Our team has great success with obedience work and aggressive dog rehabilitation. Because we know how to train dogs to react appropriately in situations involving protection, we understand how to break aggressive habits in a family pet. We are able to fix—or prevent—challenging problems that other trainers won’t touch. We are eclectic in our approach; we use whatever tools are necessary to correct the behavior, including positive reinforcement and corrections when appropriate. We start every pet/owner/trainer relationship with the goal of correcting the issues that are preventing you from enjoying your pet. Eighty percent of our work involves teaching you, the dog owner, how to apply the techniques that get results. 

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