Our Team

Denver Dog Trainer, Dion Studinski

When a dog trainer didn’t produce results with Dion’s working dog, he didn’t give up. He connected with the president of the High Plains Schutzhund Club in Elizabeth, CO, a training club which specializes in “martial arts for dogs.” Dion was enamored with their philosophy, their style of training and, most importantly, their results. He currently volunteers part-time as an assistant to the club. Mentoring under some of the top dog trainers in the U.S. has been invaluable in his work with his Ancillary K9 clients.

  • AKC® Temperament Test Evaluator
  • AKC® Urban Canine Good Citizen Evaluator
  • AKC® Canine Good Citizen Evaluator​
  • International Association of Canine Professionals
  • ICOES Certificate in Dog Behavior and Training
  • ICOES Certificate in Animal Psychology
  • USCA Protection Helper Classification
  • Dogtra® Field Staff Member

Our Team

Denver Dog Trainer, Tyler Hunter

Tyler has an extensive background in training dogs. He got his start in a way that a lot of our clients can relate to. Tyler got a German Shepard, Lucas, seven years ago and, if any of you have a German Shepard, you know how wild a German Shepard puppy can be. After a few incidents with Lucas, he knew he had to make some changes. He found a trainer who worked with him to train his new puppy. In doing so, Tyler felt a calling to work with dogs, so he began a mentorship with an expert trainer and fell deeper in love with training. Tyler hasn’t always been a dog trainer; he was a racecar driver, an independent automotive wholesaler, and a software engineer. Needless to say, conversations with Tyler are never dull. When Tyler isn’t with Lucas or training at Ancillary K9, he enjoys fly fishing with friends or hanging out and eating his favorite food, tacos.

  • International Association of Professional Dog Trainers
  • ​United Schutzhund Clubs of America Member

Our Team

Mentored under top dog trainers in the U.S.

Voted one of Denver’s top dog trainers in 2018, the Ancillary K9 team has had dogs in their life since childhood. We look forward to solving whatever problems your dog presents. We’re confident we can make a difference in your dog’s behavior and in the quality of your life.

Our Team

Problem dogs are our specialty.

Our team has great success with obedience work and aggressive dog rehabilitation. Because we know how to train dogs to react appropriately in situations involving protection, we understand how to break aggressive habits in a family pet. We are able to fix—or prevent—challenging problems that other trainers won’t touch. We are eclectic in our approach; we uses whatever tools are necessary to correct the behavior, including positive reinforcement and corrections when appropriate. We start every pet/owner/trainer relationship with the goal of correcting the issues that are preventing you from enjoying your pet. Eighty percent of our work involves teaching you, the dog owner, how to apply the techniques that get results.