Combining Years Experience With Proven And Effective Training Methods.

Dog owners seek the type of obedience training and reliability that would be expected of a service dog. In addition to that, they want the emotional stability that is vital to dogs in the presence of small, unpredictable children, and other animals, including other dogs.

That’s why we’ve tapped into our vast experience of training dogs to create a comprehensive collection of proven, practical, and easy-to-follow programs. Armed with our powerful methods and expert advice, you will develop the skills you need to interact with your dog more successfully, and get rid of undesirable behavior for good. Through a combination of our dog training services and clear guidelines, we’ll teach you the techniques you need to achieve ​dramatic results as quickly as possible.​

You Could Be Contributing To Your Dog’s Feelings of Insecurity.

Interest in dog-training classes and other activities where dogs are evaluated by usefulness, rather than looks, is evidence that the dog-training public has outgrown the “make a game” and “treat tossing” techniques that, by not being founded on proper motivations, demonstrate the inadequacy of the owner, further promoting failure when full control is most needed.

Intelligent Dogs Rarely Want To Please People They Do Not Respect.

Our training differs from the others in two ways: it openly acknowledges that not all dogs “want to please.” We also know that some dogs are even viciously resentful and resistant to any efforts to train them. We take the stand that even these viciously resentful problem dogs have a moral right to the proper training that may be necessary to rehabilitate them.

Enjoy The Best Results In The Shortest Time frame.

  • Does your dog drag you down the street making it impossible to walk?​
  • Has your dog ever lunged at or bitten another person?
  • Does your dog jump and knock everyone over?
  • Does your dog steal food off the counter and ruin your meals?
  • Does your dog react aggressively and embarrass you every time he sees another dog?
  • Have you ever had to chase your dog because she does not come when called?​​

Our Guarantee

Our promise to you: You and your family will see a remarkable change in your dog after training! Your dog will behave better and be more pleasurable to live with. In the unlikely event your dog slips up, we offer ​a lifetime support guarantee.