Samantha Rider – Brighton, CO

Apr 14 2021

I have an Akita puppy that completed 2 levels of group training classes at one of the big pet stores. She would listen for treats but was becoming aggressive towards my other dogs. Other trainers and breeders told me I’d have to get rid of her for my other dogs’ safety. I was desperate for help when I contacted Ancillary K9. I signed up for the obedience package with the hope of being able to turn things around and keep my 6 month old puppy. After the first training session, I could see a huge difference in her attitude. She looked up to me as a leader and actually started listening without me having to bribe her with treats. We just completed our training yesterday and she is a totally different dog! The aggression is a thing of the past. She’s 9 months old now, and she’s my best behaved dog. Dion is amazing at what he does. He does a phenomenal job working together with the dog and owner. If you want to learn how to train your dog and gain their respect, Ancillary K9 is the answer!