Ryan Langendorf – Boulder, CO

Apr 14 2021

Two years ago I rescued Gilbert, a truly remarkable but quirky and energetic dog. My best friend thinks he was struck by lightning as a puppy, only partly in jest. I think I did a great job raising him, but Dion has been a revelation. He’s given me such an amazing set of tools to help Gilbert and me and our roommates all live together more happily. In part this was Dion correcting mistakes I didn’t realize I was making, like using a harness despite Gilbert pulling all the time, but more than that Dion helped me understand how Gilbert thinks. I remember thinking, confused, how can it be that a stranger understands my dog better than me? It’s a testament to Dion that he does. He also understands me as a dog owner, and has been empathetic and accommodating of who I am and what I want from owning a dog. I cannot recommend Dion enough. If all you want it to correct minor inconvenient behavior, he’s your trainer. If you want to get your dog off leash on trails, he’s your trainer. And, though I don’t want to take Gilbert to dog shows or through agility exercises, I believe if you do Dion is also your trainer. For your sake and your dog’s sake, spend an hour with him. You’ll look back and wonder why you spent so long not properly training your dog.