Robert Lauber – Denver, CO

Apr 14 2021

My high-drive Dutch Shepherd came to us with plenty of behavioral baggage. Dion has an ambitious approach to observing and humanely correcting these behaviors without pushing the dog or the handler too far, too fast. He understands the dog’s capabilities and instincts and is very fluid with the training program, so if I show up to training lacking any supplies or preparations necessary to a particular training aspect, Dion will be prepared with a backup plan to train another area of interest. He is also plugged into a local community of highly professional trainers and k-9 enthusiasts and was willing to introduce us to some of these fine people. Dion has much to offer dogs of all kinds and dog handlers who are willing to put in the work necessary to setting and achieving their mutual goals; his rates are also incredibly reasonable and the Ancillary K9 scheduling interface is super easy and flexible. I would certainly recommend Ancillary K9 to other dog handlers of all levels.