Michelle Toubeau – Denver, CO

Apr 14 2021

We are in the middle of a 6 lesson package, and Dion has been great with our dogs! We have 2 aussies and one was unfortunately attacking the other. We were at the point of considering having to get rid of one of our dogs but found Dion and saw that he specializes in aggression. He has taught us how to take control of our dogs and provide structure so that they listen to us and look to us for guidance rather than just doing whatever they want all the time. We saw a huge difference in our dogs after just the first week! He has not only taught our dogs, but has taught us the correct way to train and Work with them and how to react if they do start to show signs of aggression. We still have a ways to go with the aggression but we are really hopeful that with Dions help we can keep both of our dogs! Dion is very patient and takes a lot of time answering questions and explaining things in a way that helps you understand how the dogs are thinking. I wish we would have started working with him a long time ago, and would highly recommend him to anyone!