Jonna Cammack – Denver, CO

Apr 14 2021

I reached out to Dion as I am looking to train dogs myself and was curious about the industry. I called Dion on a Monday afternoon leaving a voicemail requesting to shadow him as he worked with clients. Dion called back within the hour (he was the only trainer to call back). He was enthusiastic and helpful. He recommended books and other resources. That same week on Friday Dion arranged for me to shadow him with two clients and their two pups. He throughly explained his philosophy and practice. I watch him work and was very impressed. He is a natural with the dogs and is skilled at communicating to his human clients how to work most effectively with their dogs. The dogs seems so advanced and quick to follow his commands I was shocked it was only their second session. After the hour I spent watching him work he took another hour of his time to explain what his was doing with the dogs and some basics about the industry. He also answered all my questions and provided further resources. I really appreciated Dion’s time and enthusiasm. Dog trainers must apprentice to learn their trade and Dion’s willingness to work with newcomers and share his experience with such passion and detail is a rare and special find.