Dion is an outstanding trainer. He took time to listen to my issues, understand my goals, and work with me to create a specific approach towards training my dog. He’s open to many training methodologies and locked in on a strategy that works really well for me and my Belgian Malinois. He’s also friendly, personable, and really enjoyable to hang out with during sessions. My dog and I look forward to our training every week. Would recommend to anyone

Dan Warner – Boulder, CO

My sister and I were so lucky to find Dion! We share an apartment with her dog who has some intense behavioral issues. Dion taught us how to look at training from a very black and white perspective, which proved to be very effective. He also set us up with the proper tools for training, which we used during sessions, giving us hands-on experience with them. Having someone who was so personable and clearly cared about our pup’s well-being made sessions easy and fun. I was able to use them on my own dog as well, and months later, continue to share his tips with others!

Lauren Ferrier – Denver, CO

We LOVE Ancillary K9, we have only done 2 sessions with Dion and I already see a huge difference in my girl. We saw other trainers that were good but Dion just speaks my dogs language. She was attacked and is really scared of dogs that are off leash. We will definitely be continuing with him for more advanced training in the future and will update my review then. He is also really patient and trust me I know because I usually have a million questions. My dog is a Belgian Malinois/German Shepherd mix so it took us almost a year to find the right trainer for her breed and personality, Thanks Dion!

Irene Villalta – Lakewood, CO

I reached out to Dion as I am looking to train dogs myself and was curious about the industry. I called Dion on a Monday afternoon leaving a voicemail requesting to shadow him as he worked with clients. Dion called back within the hour (he was the only trainer to call back). He was enthusiastic and helpful. He recommended books and other resources. That same week on Friday Dion arranged for me to shadow him with two clients and their two pups. He throughly explained his philosophy and practice. I watch him work and was very impressed. He is a natural with the dogs and is skilled at communicating to his human clients how to work most effectively with their dogs. The dogs seems so advanced and quick to follow his commands I was shocked it was only their second session. After the hour I spent watching him work he took another hour of his time to explain what his was doing with the dogs and some basics about the industry. He also answered all my questions and provided further resources. I really appreciated Dion’s time and enthusiasm. Dog trainers must apprentice to learn their trade and Dion’s willingness to work with newcomers and share his experience with such passion and detail is a rare and special find.

Jonna Cammack – Denver, CO

My high-drive Dutch Shepherd came to us with plenty of behavioral baggage. Dion has an ambitious approach to observing and humanely correcting these behaviors without pushing the dog or the handler too far, too fast. He understands the dog’s capabilities and instincts and is very fluid with the training program, so if I show up to training lacking any supplies or preparations necessary to a particular training aspect, Dion will be prepared with a backup plan to train another area of interest. He is also plugged into a local community of highly professional trainers and k-9 enthusiasts and was willing to introduce us to some of these fine people. Dion has much to offer dogs of all kinds and dog handlers who are willing to put in the work necessary to setting and achieving their mutual goals; his rates are also incredibly reasonable and the Ancillary K9 scheduling interface is super easy and flexible. I would certainly recommend Ancillary K9 to other dog handlers of all levels.

Robert Lauber – Denver, CO

I have an Akita puppy that completed 2 levels of group training classes at one of the big pet stores. She would listen for treats but was becoming aggressive towards my other dogs. Other trainers and breeders told me I’d have to get rid of her for my other dogs’ safety. I was desperate for help when I contacted Ancillary K9. I signed up for the obedience package with the hope of being able to turn things around and keep my 6 month old puppy. After the first training session, I could see a huge difference in her attitude. She looked up to me as a leader and actually started listening without me having to bribe her with treats. We just completed our training yesterday and she is a totally different dog! The aggression is a thing of the past. She’s 9 months old now, and she’s my best behaved dog. Dion is amazing at what he does. He does a phenomenal job working together with the dog and owner. If you want to learn how to train your dog and gain their respect, Ancillary K9 is the answer!

Samantha Rider – Brighton, CO